I'm tired of waiting. Whether I'm traveling for business or traveling for pleasure, I feel like I spend more time waiting than getting to enjoy my vacation or doing business.  Perhaps I'm being dramatic, but I think it gets the point across. I'm tired of waiting.

I wait for the airport shuttle; I wait in line at airport security; I wait for the plane to take off; I wait to get off the plane; I wait for my luggage; I wait for the hotel shuttle; the last thing I want to do when I get to my hotel, is wait in another line, I just want to get to my room, or down to the hotel bar to relax; I'm looking at you check-in!

Imagine a world that doesn't have to involve all that waiting. If we take just one tiny slice of all that waiting (the hotel) and eliminate it, my life, and probably yours too, would be that much better.  Imagine landing at the airport, turning off airplane mode—if you remembered to turn it on—and being notified that your driver is waiting outside for you; not only that, but you were also sent a link to check-in, pick my room and room preferences and create a digital key for that room. I can now bypass the line at check-in, if there is one, and proceed to my room where lo and behold, the lights are on just like I left them last time, the temperature is right where I had it at last time, and the blinds are closed just like they were last time.

This vision isn't some crazy dystopian future where there is no paint, wallpaper, or vinyl siding and all of our interior decorators out of business, this is a scenario possible right now and not with the Internet of Things (IoT), but with the Internet of Your Things.

If you’re as tired about hearing how frustrated your customers are with their level of experience at your property, as I am about waiting, then join us on February 18th, 2016 at our Technovation Center to discover how to transform your customer journey and your bottom line with a seminar on Energy Management and IoT.  It’ll be a great opportunity to network with your fellow peers while enjoying refreshments, and if you’re a member of the AIA, you’ll even receive some continuing education (CE) credits!